We’re back with our weekly college pick’em at MVP!

Each week, the guys at Most Valuable Podcasts made their picks for who that think will win all the bowl games this week.

Who do you got? Let us know down below!


Ricky Brandon Dave Mark Sean


usf usf south-carolina south-carolina usf south-carolina
Belk Bowl i-7 i-7 i-12 i-7 i-12 i-7
Alamo Bowl i i i i i-3 i
Liberty Bowl i (7) i (7) i (7) i-11 i (7) i-11
Sun Bowl i (15) i-19 i (15) i-19 i (15) i-19
Music City Bowl i-22 i (8) i-22 i (8) i (8) i-22
Arizona Bowl af south-bama south-bama af af south-bama
Orange Bowl i (3) i (3) i (13) i (3) i (3) i (13)
Citrus Bowl i-17 i-17 i-17 i-17 lsu i-17
Taxslayer Bowl gt gt i (1) i (1) i (1) gt
Outback Bowl i (5) i (5) i-16 i (5) i (5) i-16
Cotton Bowl i-2 i-15 i-2 i-15 i-15 i-2
Rose Bowl i-10 i-10 i (6) i (6) i (6) i-10
Sugar Bowl i (2) i (2) i (13) i (2) i (2) i (13)
Peach Bowl i (4) i (4) i (4) i (4) i (9) i (4)
Fiesta Bowl i (10) i (2) i (2) i (10) i (10) i (2)



61-49 49-61 65-45 57-53



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