We’re back with our weekly college pick’em at MVP!

Week 2 did not lose momentum after what seemed like it could have been a “cupcake weekend.” However, we had several close games including an “upset” from Central Michigan over Oklahoma State!

This week featured our first Top 10 showdown as well as some major Top 25 games! The MVP guys made their picks for who will win the biggest games in Week 3.

Who do you got? Let us know down below!


Ricky Brandon Dave Mark Sean Mike
2 FSU v. 10 Louisville i-17 i (13) i-17 i (13) i-17 i (13)
1 Alabama v. 19 Ole Miss i (4) i (4) i (4) i (4) i (4) i (4)
Pitt v. Oklahoma St. i i i-8 i-8 i-8 i
12 MSU v. 18 ND i (6) i (10) i (10) i (6) i (10) i (6)
3 OSU v. 14 Oklahoma i (10) i (2) i (2) i (10) i (10) i (10)
Record 10-5 8-7 5-10 8-7 6-9 10-5

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